Firstly, Staché is a book club.

Currently, we are a group of folks with jobs at various social service agencies in downtown Philadelphia. Part of our job orientations in the specifics of our field was a 12-week training course with others from different agencies all over the city. We had assigned seating–at random–and at one of those tables sat us. We joked and learned and had a great time together.

During our hour-long lunch breaks, we would all pull out books and read at the table. We learned that each of us were lovers of books and as our 12-weeks came to an end, we decided to start a book club to stay in touch with one another.

Enter: Staché: the paper trail

One of our trainers had this amazing mustache (and interesting ties) with which he enchanted us as he lectured, and so we decided to name our book club after the facial accoutrement of our dear Dennis (pictured left), as well as use one of his random quotes as our slogan: No need to worry; I’m merely trying to trick you.

So, if you find yourself in the Philly area and are looking for an amazing book club with amazing people, maybe we will let you in–if you ask nicely enough and pass the interview.

This will be amazing.


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